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Akbash Dogs History

The Akbash Dog is an elegant rare breed from Western Turkey. The name stems from the Turkish word "akbas" meaning "white head". Akbash Dogs are intelligent, emotionally sensitive flock guardians that were developed 3000 years ago to fend off wolves and bears which threatened flocks of sheep and goats in Turkey. Any dog not strong enough, cunning enough, or aware enough of its surroundings did not survive in this harsh environment. Survival under such harsh and primitive conditions has created a tough, powerful breed capable of dominating an inexperienced owner or individual with little knowledge of canine behavior and the working dog mentality.

About Akbash Dogs International

Our registry, Akbash Dogs International, requires that we breed only dogs who are Orthopedic Foundation of America certified free of hip dysplasia. We have required this since 1987 and thus have, in many cases, four and five solid generations of dogs with good and excellent OFA rated hips. The Akbash Dogs registered in Akbash Dogs International are without a doubt the soundest of any of the livestock guardian dog breeds in North America because of this requirement. Our registry encourages its members to share genetic or medical information and training information with each other so that we can better breed our dogs and also help members successfully raise and train their Akbash Dogs. ADI also has encouraged member breeders to use only sound, stable and fulltime working dogs in their breeding programs and to continue to breed for the qualities the dogs were selected for in Turkey. Anyone interested in joining Akbash Dogs International may contact me. We put out a very good, informative news journal quarterly.